VIGILINT Protective Health Solutions works extensively in the area of medical planning and preparedness to help clients prepare for an array of medical crises that could potentially impact their most valued asset - their families. We work collaboratively with your team to create a safety net through planning, training, equipping and, if necessary, direct support.

Property medical contingency plan:

Many clients have remote or foreign properties where immediate bystander management of a life-threatening illness or injury (i.e. choking, heart attack, severe laceration) is required, given the response-time limitations of local emergency providers.

We collaborate with the property manager to maximize any internal emergency action plan through:

Completion of a comprehensive medical threat assessment
Development of Emergency Action Procedures and supporting documentation
Responder training and exercises
Sourcing of needed equipment and supplies
Procurement and management of a pharmaceutical stockpile
Validation of effectiveness through objective testing
The complexity of these assessments and plans are a function of the size, location and activities that take place on the property.

The goal of the program is to ensure the family that if a medical event takes place, there is a clear, well-rehearsed plan in place to provide assistance until professional help arrives.

Pre-travel destination medical reports:

Families often work with professionals to ensure that appropriate pre-travel security precautions and contingency plans are put in place. Despite medical events being more frequent than security issues, medical advance work and contingency planning are often not performed.

We provide families with customized, destination-specific Travel Medical Reports that highlight:

Vaccination and medication prophylaxis requirements (such as malaria medication)
Water and food safety issues
Evaluation of local medical services and facilities for the management of medical emergencies
If a family member or staff becomes ill or injured, they will know exactly where to go to receive optimal care. In instances where travelers are staying for an extended time (or have a residence), we will identify primary doctors, specialists or dentists for sub-acute issues.


"As the Director of Security for a UHNWF, VIGILINT has been a turn-key solution for threat assessments and emergency medical response training across all our global properties. VIGILINT trains to a standard and uses objective testing to ensure each property can respond appropriately to life-threatening events. Our property managers and staff genuinely look forward to the annual training. VIGILINT supports our executive protection and flight teams that travel directly with the family. VIGILINT's destination-specific medical contingency plans are distributed to all our personnel in our pre-trip brief. Pre-event planning for medical emergencies can be the difference between life and death. We don't believe in taking chances."