Corporate Medical Advisory Solutions

Safeguarding the well-being of your global workforce

Our customized consultative approach is one of our firm’s key differentiators and sets us apart in the marketplace. Our clients receive hands-on, 24/7 access to emergency planners and fellowship-trained disaster medicine physicians to help manage complex corporate medical issues for their global workforce.

With over a decade of proven experience and a team of uniquely qualified physicians, planners and operational experts, we developed our Corporate Medical Advisory Services to satisfy “duty of care” obligations with highly specialized medical support programs. These programs are designed to prepare and educate our clients with medical intelligence.


24/7 Partnership with our Team of Medical Experts:

  • Access to fellowship-trained disaster medicine physicians & emergency preparedness & response planners for international and domestic travel support
  • Crisis support for leadership team discussions, corporate strategy, etc.
  • Second opinions and liaison during health emergencies
  • Analysis of and assistance with existing business traveler accident insurance to identify and cover gaps in coverage
  • Customized mitigation strategies to reduce corporate medical risk
  • Medical threat, vulnerability, probability, and consequence assessments

Ongoing Briefings:

  • Disease-specific briefings on medical outbreak threats to inform corporate leaders of developments and to help frame the appropriate corporate response
  • Monthly travel briefings detailing a high-level overview of health threats across the globe to include need-to-know information and situational awareness

Medical Contingency Plans:

  • Comprehensive itinerary-specific plans for international and domestic locations, detailing medical threat, vulnerability, probability, consequence assessments and vaccines and immunizations
  • Detailed evaluation of local medical services and facilities for the management of medical emergencies and urgencies

Location-Specific Emergency Response Plans:

  • Develop (or evaluate existing) emergency responses plans/practices for domestic and international corporate locations and private properties
  • Work with security staffs to integrate best practices fire/EMS response into the security paradigm
  • Evaluate the quality and reliability of local fire and EMS resources and develop coordinating plans with those resources
  • Locate and develop a high-level contact at the closest hospital and the closest major hospital

Pandemic Planning & Response Management:

  • Best practice recommendations tailored to organizations specific risk profile and response capabilities
  • Integration of Pandemic Preparedness Plan into the existing corporate crisis response framework
  • On-going re-evaluation, update, and modifications to planning materials as situation and corporate needs evolve
  • Stockpile management (Tamiflu, Relenza, etc.), emergency world-wide distribution of prophylactic medications with physician oversight and employee counseling, etc.


  • Crisis response tabletops for managers
  • On-site high-fidelity first aid for responders
  • Self-rescue courses for high-risk traveler

"We have been using VIGILINT Protective Health Solutions for the past two years and have been very satisfied with their services. The information and services have been provided in a very timely manner with extremely accurate information. They have been an intricate part in our planning of large corporate events."

“As a global media and communications company, complex medical challenges frequently confront our offices and business travelers. VIGILINT Protective Health Solutions plays a valuable role in our crisis management process as a trusted medical advisor. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. Global companies like ours are constantly affected by international health issues and VIGILINT has been a true partner when we needed an informed opinion to help set policy and guidance with respect to medical challenges affecting the health and safety of our employees and our ability to meet our client obligations. They are my first call whenever a medical crisis arises.”