Deadly Virus is Spreading in Hospitals in the UK

Aug 15, 2017 | Matthew Zulauf

Hospital-acquired infections are a common cause of patient illness and death around the world, including in well-developed hospital systems. The United Kingdom recently reported on an outbreak  in which over 200 patients were colonized with the fungus Candida auris (C. auris). Colonization occurs when the fungus is detected on a patient’s skin, and patients may […]

The Reappearance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Aug 07, 2017 | Mary-Kathryn Hawes

Human beings have benefited from vaccinations for over two centuries. The introduction of medicine as a pathway to prevent diseases came in 1796 when Edward Jenner, a country doctor from England, discovered that milkmaids who had been infected with cowpox (the first vaccine) did not show symptoms of smallpox. Fast forward to the late 1800’s through the […]

Cholera Plagues East Africa

Jul 29, 2017 | Mary-Kathryn Hawes

Africa is no stranger to cholera, with the continent accounting for 41% of the world’s reported cholera cases in 2015. Cholera is an easily preventable, acute diarrheal disease that is spread by ingesting food or water contaminated with feces. VIGILINT Staff Physician, Dr. Jason Pickett, highlights the dangers of cholera: “Most people infected have mild […]

This Summer’s Tick Boom Could Equal a Surge in Lyme Disease Cases

Jul 24, 2017 | Claire Karasek

  This year, experts have reported that tick danger is particularly scary due to last year’s warmer winter and a higher population of White-footed mice in the Northeast. More ticks equal a potential surge of tick-carrying diseases, such as Lyme Disease. In a recent interview with NPR, an ecologist couple from New York explained that the […]

Hong Kong’s Summer Flu Crisis Leaves 200+ Dead and Thousands more Infected

Jul 24, 2017 | Matthew Zulauf

Hong Kong is experiencing a significant seasonal flu outbreak, with over 200 dead since May; this summer’s strain has infected thousands more and hospitals have been overloaded with new patients. According to the Hong Kong Center for Health Protection, over 2,000 new cases were reported in the last week, with cases predicted to rise. Aside from the […]